Sacred Light Tantra UK is a Tantra school based in the North West of England.

Many words have been written about Tantra and what it is and isn’t, with numerous debates about the rights and wrongs of these approaches.  For us at Sacred Light Tantra the essence of what Tantra is about is being in our truth.  Not in the concept of what is based on thoughts and judgements but what feels right.  Noticing what we have been told should or shouldn’t be our truth and assessing if it actually is and, if not, moving to what does feel authentic for us.

Tantra does not ask who am I? It does not have a view that there is a real you who you can find and always be.   Tantra asks – who do I choose to be?  The authenticity is with consciousness of how we are being in any moment and being able to make a conscious choice, being in a place of stepping into our energy, our creative potential and our integrity.

Being in our integrity supports us in recognising our energy and the energy that surrounds us(in whatever form that may take).   We start to examine what are the routines, habits, addictions that waste our energy.  This becomes an invitation to understand why we behave in certain ways.  It is not say these behaviours are wrong but to find out why we engage in them.  For example,  is it habit or unconscious attitude from our upbringing?  Is it a reality or a projected reality that actually no longer exists? By bringing consciousness to our reality, we start the process of moving towards what we long for rather than a concept in our head of what we  should or shouldn’t be doing.  As we start to let go of the conditioning that is imposed on us, we learn to embrace our natural state of being,  creating the opportunity for a new way of being in all aspects of our lives and allowing us to reach a different level within all our relationships including our sexual ones.

As we become more conscious of our energy we will often see mirrors of ourself in our external world include those which other people bring us, and as we sense this energy through consciousness, the journey of Tantra then becomes a dance between energy and consciousness.

Tantra says happiness is our natural state and the way to it is to drop what stops us accessing it.  A first step is allowing ourselves to want, to desire, to open up.  So Tantra becomes the stalking of pleasure into ecstasy i.e. moving away from pleasure associated with just the body into ecstasy which is a metaphysical experience (beyond the body). Therefore we become a bridge between heaven and earth being simultaneously in both the physical and spiritual realms where we find our self in a boundaryless energetic realm.  We can do this in all aspects of our lives and in particular Tantra uses sexual energy as the gateway into this realm.  Tantra is not however a religion, but opens the possibility of creating connection and experience of oneself through the body, connecting with our energy and ultimately the Divine.

We feel that when we talk about energy most post pubescent individuals can relate to what to what it is by bringing their experience of connecting with sexual energy.  Many people associate Tantra with sex but as Osho says, it is  far more than that.  Tantra encourages us to use this as a starting point to explore who you are and journey into ecstasy. In so doing going beyond physical orgasm as this is a restriction of our capacity for full ecstatic being. So as we learn, Tantra becomes a journey of expansion, a means of  living and moving to our full potential.

At Sacred Light Tantra we accompany you on your journey,  we walk alongside you wherever you are without judgement.  We support you in a safe nurturing environment to explore the who you are, the physical and the spiritual, the light and the shadow and the energy body.  For it is only when you move towards integrating all aspects of yourself you can find true connection with your self and every aspect in the world around you.