Sacred Light Tantra UK

Sacred Light Tantra is a Tantra school based in the North West of England.

Many people associate Tantra with sex but as Osho says, it is  far more than that. Tantra is not a religion, but opens the possibility of creating connection and experience of oneself through the body, connecting with our energy and ultimately the Divine.

Sacred Light TantraAt its heart it is a journey to connect with our integrity.  This is means that we let go of the conditioning that is imposed on us, learning to embrace our natural state of being. This creates the opportunity of a new way of being in all aspects of our lives and allows us to reach a different level within all our relationships including our sexual ones.

At Sacred Light Tantra we work with all aspects of who you are, the physical and the spiritual, the light and the shadow and the energy body. For it is only when we work towards integrating all these aspects of ourselves we can find true connection with our self and every aspect in the world around us.