Beyond Gender Day 3 – The Inner Feminine 09:30-18:00

December 2, 2017 @ 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
nr Broadway Metrolink Station
Michigan Ave
Salford M50 2GY
07391 552 616
Beyond Gender Day 3 - The Inner Feminine 09:30-18:00 @ nr Broadway Metrolink Station | England | United Kingdom

Tantra North presents Beyond Gender.

This series of 4 experiential workshops is aimed at those who wish to see beyond the current confusion between sex and gender roles in society. It is an opportunity to explore and embody the concepts of masculine and feminine as two poles on the gender spectrum.

We take a journey beyond gender  to discover the essence of masculine and feminine as principles, energies, qualities.  Oriental cultures have named  them yang and yin, in tantra teachings they are named Shiva and Shakti.

This course will be of benefit to those wishing to create happier, more rewarding and richer relationships. This applies both to relations with their life partners and those they interact with on a daily basis.  It will also support an understanding of the nature of masculine and feminine energies in society.

We free ourselves from distortions around gender created by power.

We discover the secrets of creativity and decision making.

We reach into the heart of tantra to experience the bliss possible when the masculine and feminine dance together in harmony.

We draw on the teachings of Tantra, Toltec shamanism, Carl Jung, and David Deida and others to help us understand the masculine and feminine within ourselves and our lives.

Each session is complete on its own or can be taken together to create a deep personal journey into your own gender expression.

7 October – Day 1 – Stereotypes of masculinity and femininity:  We start by breaking the taboos of gender stereotypes.   Blue for boy and pink for girl. Has this anything to do with masculine or feminine?  Of course not, these colour attributes were dreamed up in the 1940s- originally the assignment was the other way round. It’s a fashion.

Baby clothing is a benign example of the stereotyping that has distorted current thinking about masculine or feminine traits.

In this workshop we set about exposing these distortions. We come to understand how these distortions affect us every day.  They undermine and disempower our sense of ourselves as sexual beings and disguise the true roles of masculine and feminine qualities in our lives.

4 November – Day 2 – The masculine and the “animus” (inner masculine):  This day is about seeking out what is truly masculine, whether expressed by a man or a woman. You will have the opportunity to create your personal image of the masculine in the form of a mask.

We will also begin to explore the reality that masculine and feminine are two ends of a fluid spectrum along which infinite shades of masculinity and femininity lie.

2 December – Day 3 – The feminine and the “anima” (inner feminine) – As we seek out what is truly feminine, whether present in a man or a woman, you will have another opportunity to mask make, this time to create your ideal feminine.

We will go deeper into the polarity of masculine and feminine and, using the ancient Chinese concept of the Tao, start to appreciate the dance between masculine and feminine that is at the heart of all relating.

13 January – Day 4 – The marriage of masculine and feminine – Also known as the Sacred Marriage, the Inner Marriage, the Alchemic Marriage or the Mystic Marriage.

In this session we reach into the heart of tantra to experience the bliss possible when the masculine and feminine dance together in harmony.

A man and woman – usually – come together in ritual to take on the roles of the pure Shiva and Shakti principles that in tantric cosmology create the universe. This idea is not unique to tantra but also found in oriental tradition as yang and yin. It is a principle found in science too, in electricity and magnetism, positive and negative poles for example.

The coming together of masculine and feminine is the act of creation from which all else follows. It is embodied in the sexual act as the sperm impregnating  the ovum creates life, but it happens every time the masculine quality interacts with the feminine. It happens within ourselves as we balance body and mind. It happens with others when we give and take.

This process is not only harmonious, cooperative and creative, it is also the source of bliss, healing, and pleasure. Understanding this flow benefits all your relationships as well as creating joy.

These workshops are open to people over 18 of all genders or sexual orientation whether you are single or in a relationship.

The doors will open at 09.30 am  for registration with the workshop proper starting at 10.00 am after which there will be no admittance.

We will be having lunch at at the premises and you are welcome to either bring your own lunch or veggie food to share, and to join us.

The cost is as follows (please see our refund policy):

Four Day Series

Early Bird: £210 + £7.65 PayPal Fee First 9 paid bookings only!

Full Price: £280 + £10.06 PayPal Fee.

Any Individual Workshop (includes mask making materials)

Early Bird Price:  £60 + £2.32 PayPal Fee per day attended.  First 9 paid bookings only!

Full Price:  £70 + £2.67 PayPal Fee per day attended.

There are a limited number of concession tickets available.  Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances.

Click the green tickets button and you will get taken to the payment screen where you will be given an option to either pay by PayPal or by bank transfer if you want to avoid PayPal fees (full instructions are provided there).



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