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Welcome to Sacred Light Tantra! Welcome to Sacred Light Tantra, Manchester’s growing tantric community.  We offer high calibre realistically priced short workshops in tantra and bioenergetics. We are passionate about our work. Whether you are drawn to tantra to enhance your sex life, enrich your relationship, heal old wounds or discover a new you, tantra has riches to offer.  On the other hand Bioenergetics is for those who would like to explore more therapeutically their own energy and aliveness, how it has shaped them and, in so doing, understand not only themselves more deeply but others around them Like many people in the well-being and personal growth field we have responded to the Covid 19 restrictions by adapting our offerings to keep them aligned to Government legislation/advice.

 We are fully accredited teachers of Tantra, Tantra Massage, Bio-Energetics and Shamanism. Our teaching is certified by John Hawken, the founder of The Paths of Transformation . John Hawken is a leading visionary in this field and has weaved together spirituality and sexuality in a truly transformative and integrative way.


Our tantra massage training can be taken at practitioner level, and is internationally recognised.


We have our own sex/body positive, fully accessible, premises in Salford near MediaCityUK where we run non-residential day, evening and weekend workshops. We pride ourselves in creating an accepting, friendly and ethical environment. Our Guest Facilitators As well teaching as our own work we host guest facilitators whose work is complementary to our own. The Pathways Studio We have our own sex/body positive, fully accessible, premises in Salford near MediaCityUK where we run non-residential day, evening and weekend workshops. We pride ourselves in creating an accepting, friendly and ethical environment. There is a large studio suitable amongst other things, dance and mat work also a smaller space for more intimate personal work and therapy sessions. The Centre has ample free parking and is close to public transport links.


The tantra programme comprises a variety of events from Introductory evenings, afternoons and weekends, to a year long training. Whether you want to have a taster or dive deep, we have something for you.

Tantra Massage

We run introductory weekends as well as a year long training which can be used for obtaining certification as a practitioner, as well as for learning tantra massage to exchange with friends.

Couples Tantra

Our couples weekends are a great way of rediscovering your partner, redefining your relationship and exploring new ways of connection.

Tantra Community

Our growing tantra and massage community of like minded souls continues to connect, practise and bring tantra into their day-to-day experience.

What is Tantra?

Tantra UK

Tantra and sex are synonymous in many people’s minds. This association with sex is what attracts some yet repels others.  The link is an unfortunate simplification, being both true and not true at the same time. Tantra is indeed a wonderful tool to help increase your sexual prowess and pleasure, but that’s just the start of it.


Many of us, on discovering Tantra have found that what what we thought of as sex was a rather narrow experience largely confined to our genitals. The stories that we grew up with around sexuality create expectations of what sex should be and how we should be sexual. This conditioning limits and distorts our experience not just of sex but also of what a loving relationship is. During your tantric journey you will discover for yourself something much more pleasurable, rewarding and creative.


In our culture sexuality is closely tied up with being in a relationship. So it will be no surprise to find that Tantra is a wonderful gift to bring to your relationship. It enhances the joy that loving, juicy, openness of being with another creates. It has the power to enrich, heal, even transform your intimate connections. There is so much joy, pleasure and creativity to be experienced here, whether you are currently in an intimate relationship or exploring being single.

Tantra is a kind and enjoyable way to overcome personal hang ups particularly around body image and sexuality. Tantra has a refreshing approach to these kinds of beliefs that allows what is present simply to be experienced with needing to judge or fix anything. This is a rare thing to find in our society and is almost magically liberating and healing.


Tantra has the potential to restore joy and magic to your life and show you new ways to embrace the disappointments and challenges that we inevitably meet. It opens you up to a new way of experiencing spiritually, one grounded in the experience of being alive and deeply engaged with your world. It creates a place to be that is free from dogma and moral judgement.


Once you open yourself to the tantric path all sorts of transformations can occur. Tantra allows you to be who you really are beyond your society and family conditioning. It gives you the courage to make bold choices that reflect your deepest desires and most precious dreams. It brings a wisdom that helps put the problems of the world into new, more positive frameworks.

Combined with more traditional psychological approaches, it can be very helpful for those seeking to move beyond trauma or abusive situations, though we would need to know about such issues before you book on a session.

Of course, it’s not for everyone, but you owe it to yourself to give it a try.,whawise

What Happens in A Session

This is a little hard to describe. Each of our workshops has a different focus and draws on different practices but they do have things in common


Our work is largely experiential. So there is relatively little talking, more doing and experiencing. You will find this makes it easier to drop your everyday concerns and enter the spirit of the workshop


Most of our sessions make use the sense of touch in some way, though this is always by consent and optional. You will find our massage work differs from that at a spa or similar. You need no massage experience to attend.


Any removal of any clothing is optional at all times. Many, if not all our massages can be received fully clothed if you prefer. We shall make it clear here. None of our sessions, whether group or individual, include sexual services.


Active or conscious breathing is another recurrent theme. Though the techniques we us may differ from ways you may have previously experienced, such as in yoga or chi gung. Breath is an important element in much of our work.


We also use movement and dance practices, again these might be unfamiliar to you, and all these are optional.


We are trained in the use of psychological tools such as Gestalt and Reichian and Bioenergetics and also shamanic practice. All these methods align with tantric principles and are especially helpful in bridging the gap between our personal life experiences and the new practices of Tantra.


We use ritual and ceremony in creative and fun ways, rather different from most people’s experience of ritual. The effects of these beautiful experiences can be profound, even life changing. Again participating is optional.


In all our work we are seeking a path that honours both those who value traditional sexual roles and those who choose to step out of them.


Tantra has been taught in a binary way for many years, with men being labelled “Shiva” (male) and women, “shakti” (female). We feel this is an outdated approach. We are committed to find a new way of presenting our work without referring to Shiva and Shakti in this way. In our workshops we teach without talking about Shiva and Shakti or men and women. On our trainings we teach in a way so that you can choose to step into whichever role best suits you at the time. We value your patience with this as it is new territory in Tantra.



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