A Taste of Bioenergetics Introductory Afternoon 16:00-18:30
Jun 23 @ 16:00 BST – 18:30 BST
A Taste of Bioenergetics Introductory Afternoon 16:00-18:30

We are delighted to offer you this stand-alone in-person introduction to bioenergetics evening during which we will guide you through an experiential introduction to some key elements of bioenergetics.  It also serves as an introduction to our yearlong Bioenergetics Training.

Bioenergetics is not to be confused with the body of work that comes from biochemistry but comes from Wilhelm Reich and the therapy developed by his students like Alexander Lowen, Gerda Boyesen, Ron Kurtz and David Boadella.

Who do you want to be?
Start to unlock the roadmap for discovering more of your psyche of why you are who you are
through a series of exercises. Armed with your discoveries you can then make changes to become
more of who you want to be and realise your potential. Join us for an evening of self-discovery and
who you could choose to be.

During the evening, we will invite you to participate in some exercises which encourage you to
observe your response and attitude towards them, helping you establish your approach to life in
general. These have led previous participants genuine “aha moments”, arming them with self-
knowledge to change and thus enhance their enjoyment of life. These exercises come from the
body of work generated by Wilhelm Reich called Bioenergetics. This work states that our formative
experiences not only shape our thoughts and attitudes but also our body in the form of
tension/armouring/holding. These holdings, that may have been useful in our younger self, may
now no longer be serving us and we will look at ways in which it is possible to let them go. As we
find alignment with both the mind and body, then we can be in our truth and full potential.

Would you like to discover more about yourself and possibly make changes to bring you more
pleasure and joy? If so, then please join us!

This event also serves as an introduction into our full year Bioenergetic training which you can read more about here.

The doors open at 3:30pm and the event starts at 4:00pm.

We create a safe space where you are invited to do as much as feels comfortable for you.   Wear loose, comfortable clothes you can move freely in.

No partner is required and everyone is invited to work with different people in order to enjoy a greater range of experiences. If you attend with a partner or friend, you are welcome to work together for the whole event or whatever portion you wish.

Contact: Elara – 07391 552 616

The cost is as follows (please see our refund policy):

Standard Price: £18 + booking fee

Duo/Couple Price: £28 + booking fee

Concession Price: £14 + booking fee

You can avoid booking fees by paying by bank transfer.

There are some concession tickets available. Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances.

Bioenergetics – Block 1 @ The Pathways Studio
Jul 18 @ 13:00 BST – Jul 21 @ 17:00 BST
Bioenergetics - Block 1 @ The Pathways Studio

We (Jon and Elara) are delighted to bring this one-of-a-kind Bioenergetics Yearlong Training for the first time to the UK. This is one of less than five yearlong Bioenergetics trainings worldwide.

If you are curious about bioenergetics but don’t want to commit to a yearlong training, you are welcome to try the first block which is standalone.

How we embody and express our energy makes our psyche and our patterns of reactions to life visible. We hold in our bodies the energy we dared not express when we were vulnerable children, both as a tension in the muscles and as a charge of energy in the organs and connective tissue. This fixed form of expression and defence is called our character. It is our social, adapted self, and blocks and represses our spontaneous flow of life energy, our wildness, including large amounts of our sexuality and creativity.

***What is Bioenergetics?***

Bioenergetics is not to be confused with the body of work that comes from biochemistry but comes from Wilhelm Reich and the therapy developed by his students.  This body of work not only includes bioenergetics itself but also Bioenergetic Analysis (Alexander Lowen), Biodynamic Psychology and Massage (Gerda Boyesen) Ron Kurtz (Hakomi) and Biosynthesis (David Boadella), Radix Therapy (Charles Kelly), Stanley Keleman (Formative Psychology) and the work of Leonard Orr, Arthur Janov and Stanislav Grof also draws upon it.

This training will cover both theoretical and practical grounding in the work of Reich and his followers.

Bioenergetics in general seeks to release old trauma, habits, and unconscious defensive attitudes and to liberate our life energy for aliveness, pleasure and for self-actualization. It seeks to change the base of our existence from an attitude based on fear and the unconsciousness to a mindfulness of our choices and an ability to express ourselves from our heart, our sex and our spirit. This yearlong training includes:

  • An analysis of our own character and patterns, which we respect as a necessity for survival
  • An understanding of the biographical causes of any stuckness and limitations
  • Strategies for managing trauma and fear
  • Supporting individuals to find freedom of expression and creativity as autonomous human beings

More specifically Bioenergetics is a self-exploration through becoming aware of tensions in your body. These tensions are created by the energies of past formative experience which are imprinted on your body.  These create your character, the person you became under the influence of your parents and your society.  By becoming aware of this we can release the tension and free up our energy to choose life in each moment. Thus, we are able to free up a huge amount of energy for our aliveness, our creativity, our pleasure and joy in life to create our conscious path and fulfil our dreams.

The ability to read the energy and character of others and know how to support their energy will also be taught.  As such, it is an invaluable training both for oneself and as a professional resource for those working energetically with others.

Themes for this yearlong training are:

  • Primal therapy, birth and intrauterine experiences and imprints that affect our lifetime patterns of energy.
  • The difference between character type and response
  • Understanding the patterns and needs of one’s character type
  • Moving from dependency to independence
  • Being aware of your feelings and expressing them appropriately and communicatively
  • Knowing what you want and what you don’t want and communicating that safely and respectfully
  • Assertiveness
  • Raising your energy levels, being more alive, aware, sensitive to life.
  • Grounding and standing on your own feet
  • Increasing the flexibility of one’s attitudes
  • Flowing with life instead struggling against it
  • Opening to aliveness and pleasure
  • Being able to be present and to stay in contact

We will support you to gain an understanding of:

  • The phenomenon of resistance and how to use and work through it.
  • How to work energetically and physically with projection, both positive and negative.
  • The different kinds of touch, their intent and applications: holding, containing, focussing, making conscious, confronting, soothing, mothering and fathering, supporting, grounding.
  • The emotional plague, repression and rebellion.
  • Armouring and core energetics, energy and character.
  • Imprints, memoire corporelle (cellular memory), regression, aspects of Janov and Grof.
  • The relationship between consciousness and energy, catharsis, demons, creative confrontation, witness consciousness.
  • The importance of breath, Reichian and other breathing techniques.
  • The orgasm reflex, the birth reflex.
  • Character analysis – the character types and their use in therapy.
  • Therapy and spirituality.
  • Techniques to raise energy, bioenergetic stress positions, Osho meditations.
  • Grounding and its importance, both through the feet and through the eyes.
  • The segments and their order of opening.
  • The contribution to the field of Reich‘s students including: Alexander Lowen, Ron Kurtz and Hakomi, David Boadella and Biosynthesis, Gerda Boysen and family and Biodynamics.
  • Self-regulation, the inner wisdom and balance of the body

***Who is this Training For?***

It is open for people who wish to explore their own patterns of holding and be able to release this energy and live fuller and more expansive life.  Feeling more alive, creative and deepening their pleasure and joy in life.

It may also be useful for those who have some experience in verbal therapies and want to explore particular themes through bodywork, or who want to deepen their experience of themselves through the methods of bioenergetics.  It is also designed for therapists, therapeutic masseurs and counsellors who wish to include working with the physical body and the energy body in their repertoire of therapeutic methods and interventions.


This training can be undertaken as a yearlong Bioenergetics training comprising 4 blocks or Block 1 can be done as a standalone introduction to Bioenergetics.

In Block 1 the key aspects we will be exploring, through theory but mainly practical exercises, are:

  • The relationship between tension and relaxation
  • Some patterns of holding / armouring
  • How to support the flow of energy
  • Reich’s concept of segments and looking at some of the key ones
  • How to support ones energetic flow


The training starts at 13:00 on the Thursday and finishes at 17:00 on the Sunday for each block.

The training occurs at The Pathways Studio, Manchester and is non-residential. 

The cost included in the ticket is just for the teaching fee.  You will need to organise your own transport to get there and sort out your own accommodation and food.

The class size will be a maximum of 24 to allow valuable coaching time and exploration of their own character responses.  A minimum of 12 people are required to give attendees a typical cross-section of different energies and character responses to explore in person.

The first date will go ahead based on a minimum of 12 people otherwise we will move to the next date. You will be given approximately a months notice of this if you have put down a deposit:

Thu 18 Jul to Sun 21 Jul 2024 – Manchester Non-Residential

Thu 10 Oct to Sun 13 Oct 2024 – Manchester Non-Residential

Thu 23 Jan to Sun 26 Jan 2025 – Manchester Non-Residential

Thu 27 Mar to Sun 30 Mar 2025 – Manchester Non-Residential

Thu 03 Jul to Sun 06 Jul 2025 – Manchester Non-Residential

Thu 09 Oct to Sun 12 Oct 2025 – Manchester Non-Residential