Let’s Explore Tantra Online 18:30-21:30

8-Oct-2020 @ 18:30 BST – 21:30 BST
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07391 552 616

Whether you are new or experienced tantrika join us for a stand-alone online experience of the building blocks of Tantra. You will be guided in a gentle and safe way by two experienced Tantra teachers.

The evening is designed to be fun, sensuous, full of learning and surprises.

“I would highly recommend this introduction to Tantra. It is fun, relaxed and allowed me to experience something of the gifts Tantra has to offer in a safe and comfortable environment.”  Sarah M, Participant

Through a series of gentle exercises, the aspects we will experience are:

• You are not a static thing but a flow of energy. You are not any of the forms you embody, but are the energy that transforms from one form to another as you choose, in consciousness and in freedom.

• Your mind is not limited to thinking, planning, and worrying, but can create awareness, noticing what is in the moment, both within you and around you. The mind creates a virtual reality, while awareness brings you into contact with what is.

• The key to finding union in your being and not allowing your thoughts to dominate your experiences.

• How breath, movement and sound can alter how you feel and how you can use this to change your state any time.

• Your flow of energy creates the connection between your sex, your heart and your spirit, and so can lead to an experience of your totality. Through the connectedness and wholeness, within and without, a sense of the sacredness of life, in ourselves and in the other, becomes manifest.

Tantra is a map that shows us how to tap into the life energy within us, through sex, heart and spirit, that has the power to transform our lives, bringing a new quality of aliveness and awareness into every area of our experience. Tantra is a non-prescriptive path, where everyone can go at their own speed, following their hearts. It is an incredible journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.

“Guided to discover and realise your full potential. Moving you from a dull, pedestrian existence to enjoying all life has to offer. Shifting your default position to an open heart; tantrikas are so much happier.” Peter, Participant

The zoom room opens at 6:15pm and the event starts at 6:30pm.

This workshop is open to individuals and couples/triads/other constellations of all genders, sexualities and body types.

There is no gender balancing at this workshop.

We create a safe space where you are invited to do as much as feels comfortable for you. There will be no nudity at this event. Wear loose, comfortable clothes you can move freely in and an attitude of curiosity.

No partner is required and you will have the opportunity to experience exercises with different people within the confines of a virtual gathering. If you attend with a partner/friend you are welcome to do partnered exercises together or choose to do them with others.

Contact: Elara – 07391 552 616

Price: This event is being charged on a payment from the heart basis.   Please see the ticket link to see how this works.