Body Love Experience

23-Apr-2023 @ 10:30 BST – 18:00 BST
The Pathways Studio nr MediaCityUK
Lord Byron Square
Salford M50 2XH
07391 552 616
Body Love Experience @ The Pathways Studio nr MediaCityUK | England | United Kingdom

Daphne Rara has been running this event in Berlin and Rome to fabulous reviews and is now bringing it to the UK.

She invites you to explore your body through conscious movement on a journey to find your inner empowerment, strength, power and aliveness coming from your very centre, your pelvic bowl.

To feel the body through conscious movement is one of the most empowering activities we can experience. We feel the strength of our own , coming from the very centre of our physical body, which keeps us both standing tall and grounded, where we store all emotions: the pelvic bowl.

Rooted in most ancient and tribal cultures, from Africa to America towards Oceania, the dances that train the hips have been used forever , passed on from generations of women to prepare them for a healthy, sexual and reproductive life. But this practice is beneficial for people of all genders and body shapes, not just women and mothers. The health benefits are multiple, physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual and psychical.

This is a chance to step out of your comfort zone and explore the sacred potential of fluidity in hips movement. Your chance to feel energized, proud and empowered. You will reclaim your right to feel good and sexy in your body, as an act of self love.

Sensuality means something different to each of us. This workshop guides you to explore your own concepts of sensuality and question the boundaries and truths on which your operational system functions. Body Love Experience unites movement and touch, dance and play, and verbal and non-verbal expression, communication and connection. In partner work, small groups and in a big circle we will be guided to perceive each others energies and bare witness to the magic that we co-create. Take the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful, respectful community in order to let your guards and fears behind. Know your authentic self is welcome here. Enjoy being witnessed by your loving peers. Experience safe, sensual heaven. Liberate yourself.

It’s for everybody, every body shape, and it’s an actual therapy!

Through hips shaking, pelvic awareness, yoga, dance, breathwork, meditation, and interactive exercises, we will embark in a ritual journey towards deconstruction of beauty, fitness and wellness standards to find a personal point of view, grounding in loving and appreciating our own, special body – as it is the vessel and witness for the unique experience that is our own life.


PART 1 – feeling into your body, revealing into your hips
the first module will be about ritual conscious movement. we will dive into a series of practices to unlock the potential and release the emotions stored in our pelvic bowl. Together, we will create a beautiful and safe space to tap into our sensuality and discover how playful our relationship with it can be.
By harnessing the power of the group movement, we will unleash powerful energy to manifest our self-growth intentions and attract that feeling of self-worth, appreciation, love and recognition we are looking for.

PART 2 – hearing, healing, exploring
the second module will lead the way towards deconstruction of beauty standards, self-forgiveness and construction of our own idea of attractiveness.
Then we will experience a deep, transformative self love ritual,
followed by a phase of experiential sensual exploration answering the question: how deeply do i listen to and validate my needs ? and when in contact with someone else?”

The themes we will work on are sensuality, intimacy, body positivity, fatphobia, self celebration, deconstruction of beauty and attractiveness standards in everyday life as in sex and relationships.

Our goal will be to rediscover true intimacy with ourselves and with others, and we will do by sharing experiences and knowledge about self-love and self-care habits. The aim of Body Love Experience is for the participants to get rid of self-loathing -generating-stereotypes and connect with their true, deep, authentic beauty and sexyness through conscious movement, affirmations, breath and dance.

The pursuit of Radical Love, the exploration of true intimate connection within ourselves and with each other, no matter who one is, is the ultimate goal. As in nowadays society truth is unpopular, true emotions are unwelcome and we only allow ourselves a little taste of intimacy trough sexual and romantic relations only –
and often not even then.

Where we manage to create spaces for beings to rediscover the value of intimate connection and unconventional, unconditional love towards themselves and each other, we become part of the solution to the planet annihilation caused by the domination of consumerism.

Spiritual, social, environmental awareness
This workshop is a ritual and a psychomagic act.

Participants are calling on the manifesting power of the sabbath. Moving, breathing, stirring energies inside themselves, and doing so together as a group , transforms energies that are around by attracting and canalizing them to magnify their strength inside the group circle. Therefore, by tuning in to their own self love, appreciation, celebration and sexyness energies, the group attracts those existing frequencies towards itself and the surrounding area.

The participants will then irradiate this positive, warm, loving and supporting energy from the inside out.

The more people are emotionally and spiritually aware of the importance of love, gratitude and appreciation for what they already are, the more they will share this knowledge, the closer we are to a society where contentment is globally understood as the key to long-term happiness , and where people will stop seeking happiness in consumption.


Doors open on Sunday at 10am.

The event will start promptly at 10.30am and will finish at 6:00pm.

Refreshments are provided and you are asked to bring vegetarian food to share for lunch.

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This event is non-residential but please get in touch if you want help to find accommodation.


There is no gender balancing at this workshop. Your boundaries will be respected and nurtured at all times.

No partner is required.  Everyone is invited to work with different people in order to enjoy a greater range of experiences. If you attend with a partner or friend, you are welcome to work together for the whole workshop or whatever portion you wish.

Contact: Elara – 07391 552 616


Standard Price: £75 plus booking fees


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