Conscious Touch Day – Wheel of Consent Day & Conscious Cuddles – London

3-Jun-2017 @ 09:30 BST – 21:45 BST
London School of Capoeira Herança
Units 1 and 2 Leeds Place
Tollington Park, Islington, London N4 3RF
United Kingdom
We are delighted to be bringing to London two wonderful experiential workshops that we have run successfully elsewhere which, when combined together make them even more powerful. You are very welcome to attend both but if you prefer you can attend each as a standalone workshop and still get a lot from them.
During the day we running our Wheel of Consent workshop: Tell Me What You Want What You Really, Really Want. In this workshop you will learn about how you relate to others in a clear way through the medium of platonic touch, which will allow you to explore, understand and express your authentic consent with clear communication. We devised this workshop together with the originator of the Wheel of Consent, Dr Betty Martin (
In the evening we will be running our signature conscious cuddles workshop Get in Touch with Yourself. In it you will experience and explore the benefits of platonic, nurturing touch and, if you attend the workshop earlier in the day, it is a great opportunity to practice and embody all that you have learned.
These workshops are:
• Clothed.
• Experiential – you will have the opportunity to practice and explore in a safe environment. It is only within the experience of touch that the Wheel of Consent theory makes sense.
• Respectiful of your boundaries – you never have to touch or be touched by anyone or anywhere you don’t want to. In fact, you will be shown how to be clearer about that for yourself and learn tools that help you to express your boundaries.
• Confidence boosting, allowing you to say “No” and “Yes” without guilt and from a place of integrity.
• Supportive in improving your confidence and to strengthen communication and social skills, particularly in asking for what you truly want.
• Accepting. Allowing you to start wherever you are, whether you are new to the idea or wildly experienced, it doesn’t matter. Wherever you start, you will find a new level of awareness and self acceptance.
• Fun. Giving you games to take home that allow you to play within your boundaries which you can make sensual, playful or any other quality you wish to bring to them.
• Enablers that allow you to receive the benefits of platonic touch – see here for some of these benefits:
So come and join us and find out, amongst other things, what you want, what you really, really want!
We welcome all genders over the age of 18, any sexual orientation whether you are single or in a relationship. These events have no nudity or intimate touch.
This is a pre-book event only.
Registration starts at 9.30 am for a 10.00 am prompt start and finishes at 9.45 pm for the combined day/evening. It is recommended that you bring your own food as we have relatively short breaks because we have a lot to fit in! Also please bring a blanket.
Our aim is to leave you feeling relaxed, empowered, with your heart opened and soul nurtured.
Here are some of the testimonials we have received from previous attendees –
For full details of the individual workshops see here (Wheel of Consent – ) and here (Conscious Cuddles –
PS Please note this workshop is being advertised in other media.