Free Distance Healing 22:00-22:30

3-Jun-2024 @ 22:00 BST – 22:30 BST
Wherever You Are
Distance Event
07391 552 616
Free Distance Healing 22:00-22:30 @ Wherever You Are | England | United Kingdom

We are in unprecedented and uncertain times and for each of us, our individual situations will result in different challenges.

This distance healing is intended to support all of those in our community who would like to receive this.

RSVP Yes to this event if you would like to receive free distance healing in the comfort of your own home and we will include you – you can do this posting in our event on Facebook at Sacred Light Events.  Distance Healing is as powerful and effective a form of healing as hands on sessions. In some situations it can work at deeper states of consciousness. We connect with and access that place of oneness with the Universe where all is LOVE. With the power and connection of the oneness we send distance healing from this place which is not limited by the physical constraints of time and space.

In your bedroom, living room, sofa, office etc. wherever you are at 10.00pm on the evening.


You may feel heat, tingling or the sensation that something is happening around you or with you. You may see images or colours and have certain thoughts or insights. Alternatively you may also feel nothing at all. Whatever you feel, you will have received healing for the highest good.


1. RSVP for this event here (if you want to add a friend then just add a guest and put their name in the comments for the event)

2. Lie down on your bed (sofa or sit on a chair) from 10.00pm to 10:30pm. We will commence the distance healing at 10.00pm. (If you are sleeping at that time, or busy outside the home, you still will receive the benefits though you may not feel the sensations in the same way as if you are able to bring your awareness to them).

3. Do nothing while you lie down… just surrender…

4. Trust that you will receive whatever you need in this moment.

5. TAKE IT EASY just lie down and Enjoy!!

** It is necessary to RSVP for this healing in order to receive the free healing so I can put you in the book, however you can also just intend to receive the healing and you will receive your intention as I also intend for it to go to anyone with that intention. **

Love and Light

Elara xx

07391 552 616