Full Hoʻoponopono Ceremony

17-Dec-2023 @ 19:30 GMT – 21:30 GMT
The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK
Lord Byron Square Manchester M50 2XH
£20 + booking fee
Elara / Joanna
07391552616 / 07396713967

Come and experience how opening your heart to forgiveness can increase the power of your manifesting!

We will be running a full Hoʻoponopono ceremony with very limited explanation concerning the ritual’s background or meaning. Our intention is to harness the ritual’s full power without distraction. We will gather together and, after a brief introduction from ourselves and a centering meditation, set our intent and then move into the ritual and when complete share our experience.

If you would like an explanation of Hoʻoponopono and how it works prior to this workshop then please sign-up to our Quick Introduction to Hoʻoponopono immediately before this one (see here).

Forgiveness is not about condoning or accepting what has happened or is happening; it is about releasing that experience so that it no longer has power over you. Ho’oponopono is a powerful way of working with this. By doing this it allows you to use the Law of Attraction to move to the reality you want using positive thought and, just as importantly, the vibration that you hold. It is only when you are integrated between what you are thinking and how your heart feels that your entire being is in alignment. Being integrated in this way allows the Universe to rearrange itself around you. At this vibration you are at a place of powerful manifestation, where you are more present, congruent and in a place of allowing prosperity and abundance to flow into your life.

We will use the teachings of both Joe Vitale as well as Dr Hew Len himself who brought this practice into wider consciousness.

Doors open at 7.20 pm.

The cost is as follows (please see our refund policy):

Early Bird: £15 + booking fee – First 9 paid bookings only!

Pre-pay price: £20 + booking fee

On the door price: £20

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Connecting in Love & Peace


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