Not So Bizarre Bazaar

2-Dec-2023 @ 19:00 GMT – 22:30 GMT
The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK
Lord Byron Square
M50 2XH
Elara / Joanna
07391552616 / 07396713967
Not So Bizarre Bazaar @ The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK

What might it be like to spend an evening experimenting and sampling? Feeling in choice and willing to only do what you’d love and are curious about.

We’d love to invite you to the Not So Bizarre Bazaar. Where we bring our offerings and sample others. We bring the gifts we believe in and are good at and get to feel and experience others. It’ll give an insight into each other’s passions and longings, we’ll tap into our desire for novelty, variety and possibility. Being able to try things out with no obligations & to offer our passion out there to see who might be curious to share it. 

We’re setting up a garden of practical delights, a way of sampling pleasure and purpose. Bring a couple of things you’d love to offer that would fit into 7 minute time slots – bring your creativity, poetry, energy, healing, dancing presence, warm hands, skills & interests. You might offer a specific massage, your skill with a flogger, worshiping and honouring, reading poetry, eye gazing or healing.

The evening will include around 45 minutes to create consent and connection and then 90 minutes of Bazaar time – half as the “buyer” and half as the “seller”. You’ll have a sign to offer your wares and 2 mins to “promote” your offer. We’ll invite  you to share why you love and choose to offer your particular gift. 

This evening will not include genital touch as we’re interested in moving into your creativity and eroticism beyond obvious sexual touch. 

Hosted by Elara and Ali, your Muse and Madame for the evening.

We’ve called it a Not So Bizarre Bazaar as we know that we feel safer when we have information to make choices, to change our minds and then we have the possibility within clear boundaries to be surprised and delighted at the unexpected pleasures that may emerge when we take courage to explore anew.