Psychic and Spiritual Development – Meditation for Connection

15-Aug-2024 @ 18:00 BST – 20:00 BST
The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK
Lord Byron Square Salford M50 2XH
£12 + booking fee
Elara / Joanna
07391552616 / 07396713967
Psychic and Spiritual Development - Meditation for Connection @ The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK

We are all born with psychic abilities, some of us are able to readily ‘tap’ into this gift naturally; however, it often lays dormant within others, and requires a little bit of assistance for them to access these hidden abilities.

Whether you are new to psychic development and wishing to learn more, or you are an ‘old hand’ looking to enhance your existing psychic abilities; our regular monthly psychic development workshops are specially designed to guide you along your individual journey in a safe and supportive environment, at a pace that is the most comfortable for you.

In this meetup, we will be calling in our Guides and connecting with them through meditation as well working with ways to strengthen that connection.

Throughout this series of workshops, we will explore a range of topics including and not limited to the below:

  • working with the different clair senses (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience),

  • working with the human energy system, auras and chakras,

  • the importance of grounding and protection

  • obtaining information using the tarot and other cards

  • dowsing

  • what spirit guides are and how to connect with them through meditation

  • connecting with your gatekeeper

  • connecting with crystals

  • developing mediumship and psychometry skills

All our subsequent workshops will be designed so you can build on or reinforce your newly learned abilities, so they are ideal for individuals who wish to come on a monthly basis. However, they will provide a solid foundation if taken on their own.

The cost is £12.00 + booking fee (please see our refund policy):

See you soon!

Love & Blessings