Everyday Kink – Impact Play with Everyday Objects 13:00-16:00

16-Sep-2023 @ 13:00 BST – 16:00 BST
The Pathways Studio
Lord Byron Square
M50 2XH
Everyday Kink - Impact Play with Everyday Objects 13:00-16:00 @ The Pathways Studio

Waiting list in operation for Male presenting participants.

Female presenting participants, when booking two or more tickets, use coupon code ‘MULTI-F’ to receive 30%.

Have you been curious about the juicy, wondrous world of sub/dom dynamics and sensation (or impact) play in particular? Great news! This workshop offers a gentle, beautifully held space in which to unleash your hidden sensation play mastery. And the great news is, you don’t need a premium priced, perfectly weighted leather flogger (if you have one already though, great!) to really taste the intimacy and beauty of engaging with others in this way. Simply bring: kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons or foam beaters (essentially, anything that feels rather interesting when used to caress or hit the surface of your skin), silk scarves or sarongs, feathers or pocket fans, fruit and vegetables such as: pineapple, large courgette, strong celery stick.

Both couples/duos and singles are welcome. While we care about gender diversity in our spaces, we can’t guarantee you will be paired with humans of your preferred gender (if there is one) for the exercises. While nudity is welcome in the space (if it feels right!), this particular workshop doesn’t involve direct sexual interaction with others through genital stimulation. We will instead explore what is possible sensation wise with genitals out of the picture! (Queendom ritual & Temple to follow the workshop offer a fully sex positive space where you are welcome to  take your play one step further 🔥)

During the workshop we will also explore:

– consent and boundaries (critical in any impact play and… relationships of all sorts in daily life!), including how to read non verbal communication to do with consent

  • how to explore kink intentionally, creating a sacred space of intimacy within which to explore touch, sensuality and impact with another
  • how to incorporate kinky practices and dynamics into your intimate life and even – if you want to! – into your work on self healing and expansion

The event is alcohol and drug free, please don’t consume any mind altering substances in the 24h before. Kinky attire or accessories (leather/rubber/PVC/OTT) is welcome but by no means a must. Wear whatever makes you feel like a hottie that you are!

About your hostess.

Paulina is a cofounder of Temples of Eros, a community of over 1000 like hearted humans, focusing on reclaiming the innocence, beauty and healing power of sexual expression. She likes to call herself a Transcendental Whore. She is a keen practitioner and student of tantra, sexual shamanism, BDSM and other forms of conscious sexuality as well as a professional domme. She has significant experience as Temple night host and facilitator, circling facilitator (meditation in connection), as well as a fetish model and burlesque artist! 💃

She’s passionate about open and wholesome sexual expression and creating spaces where others can access their full sensual and sexual potential. She’s also a deeply spiritual being (think Catholic Tantric Shaman vs Buddhist Magician kinda blend).


The doors open at 12:30pm and the event starts at 1:00pm.

Contact: Elara – 07391 552 616

The cost is as follows (please see our refund policy):

Every Day Kink Event Only:

Early Bird – £30 + Booking fee – ends 31st Aug

Full Price – £40 + Booking fee

Every Day Kink Plus Queendom Event (see link for this event)

Early Bird – £80 + Booking fee – ends 31st Aug

Full Price – £105 + Booking fee

You can avoid booking fees by paying by bank transfer.

There are some concession tickets available. Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances.

Photo credit: Andrzej Skutela