Roman Feasting Temple

27-Apr-2024 @ 18:30 BST – 23:59 BST
The Pathways Studio
Lord Byron Square
M50 2XH
Roman Feasting Temple @ The Pathways Studio

Long gone are the days of our Roman ancestors, feasting on exquisite morsels of foods while lounging around, contemplating music and poetry. Or are they? Intentionally prepared, stunning food has been a way to come together, express love, appreciation, sensuality and get us in the mood for feasting of other kinds for centuries. This Temple promises to bring back the most beautiful aspects of feasting and whet your appetite for sensual pleasures of all kinds – both those platonic and those erotic. 

Please come dressed as (or bearing attributes of) your favourite Goddess, God or Divine figure and familiar with their unique qualities so you can embody them in your interactions with others throughout the evening. A plain Roman toga (which can be ordered online or even made with a white bed sheet!) is a beautiful alternative to a more elaborate costume. ALSO please bring a couple of portions of exquisite vegetarian food you feel inspired to talk about and share with others. If not a cook, please bring a gourmet shop bought snack of some sort such as high quality dark chocolate, exotic fruit or ice cream which could be best eaten with the help of – or even off the body part of! 🔥 – another. 

Flavoursome foods with surprising flavours, spices and/or containing aphrodisiacs are particularly welcome! 

Let love making through (and with!) food begin, in a true, beautifully indulgent, Roman style 🍓🧁🌶️ 🔥

What to expect from a Temple event?

Following a couple of rituals and embodied consent exercises, there will be ample opportunity to explore being with others in all sorts of contexts. Temples often have a rep for being sexually charged spaces. While they can be, they absolutely don’t have to. One of the most beautiful facets of these events that each one is unique and unfolds according to the combined flow of  energies present in the space. Your experience will depend on where you are on your inner journey, interactions with beings you encounter, and, importantly, a degree to which you are able to stay present and in a state of curiosity/openness to each moment as it unfolds. Personally, I see them more as a sanctuary of connection in all its facets.

Some things that are completely beautiful and appropriate to do at a Temple:

  • take in the space. Witness what is happening, not just in the space between humans but also within you. Plenty of times I found peace and nourishment doing just that.
  • get social with like hearted humans. Talk about stuff of life just because it feels so good or have deeper, intimate conversations we rarely take time to have.
  • get sensual. Temples, in my books, always encourage fully embodied experience. This can take all sorts of dimensions: maybe you feel like a sensual dance. Maybe you want to touch yourself mindfully and experience your body in a safe space (which is completely appropriate). Maybe you’d like to give to and receive from others all types of sensual touch that we rarely get to experience, even in our friendships and sex lives.
  • unleash your inner animal. Feeling like a play fight or a feisty tickling/scratching contest? You’re in the right place! There’s a chance your inner beast is feeling sexy in which case why not..
  • get your sexual juices fully flowing. This could mean so many things! Many beings typically want to experience others very slowly, starting with an energetic connection for example, and moving into a more physical and expressive.
  • whip up your inner kinkster. Do you like dressing up? Using impact and/or sensual play toys? Role playing power dynamic scenarios? Temple is a beautiful place to play in this way, strictly within boundaries of everyone involved.

We are friendly and welcoming of diverse age, race, gender expressions as well as different body shapes and types of preferred sexual activity. The rules are:

  • no alcohol or mind altering substances during and 12h before the event.
  • keep checking in with yourself and any others involved: does this still feel like a fully body yes? Might I/we like to pause, take a break or do something else?
  • attunement to the reality of another. Yes, everyone in a Temple is strictly responsible for their own experience and maintaining their boundaries moment to moment. And yet: the only way to interact with another beautifully is by paying attention to their expression and body language moment to moment.

About your hostess.

Paulina is a conscious sexuality practitioner and space holder, neo tantrika, sensual domme and certified energy healer. Passionate about creating ritualistic and ceremonial containers and a whole variety of spiritual paths and practices.

She also works 1-2-1 as a conscious domme and sexual healer. She has space for one more private session on Sun 28th April while in Manchester, if you’re interested to discuss this, please email us for her contact details.

Paulina and her community ‘Temples of Eros’ are featured in a channel 5 documentary on sex positive environments which just came out, you can watch it here.

Refund policy:

No refunds offered. Ticket transfers available for anyone who diagnosed positive for Covid.

The doors open at 6pm and the event starts at 6:30pm.

Contact: Elara or Joanna – 07391 552 616 / 07396713967

The cost is as follows:

Roman Feasting Temple Only:

Early Bird – £70 + Booking fee (ends 18/04/24)

Standard Admission: £80 + booking fees (starts 19/04/24)

Roman Feasting Temple + Goddess Embodiment Ritual – for women, femmes and NBs in female bodies (see link for this event)

Early Bird – £110 + Booking fee (ends 18/04/24)

Standard Admission: £120 + booking fees (Starts 19/04/24)

You can avoid booking fees by paying by bank transfer.

There are some concession tickets available. Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances.

No refunds offered. Ticket transfers available for anyone who diagnosed positive for Covid.

Testimonials from past participants:

I really want you to know how immensely profoundly healing my experience was at last night’s temple. For almost all of my adult life, sexuality has been a source of deep unhappiness for me (sexuality being something to be ashamed of, to be suppressed, and which has caused so much misery for me). I’m so overwhelmingly grateful to have discovered these temple events, and last night’s temple was a huge huge life-transforming experience for me. It transcended anything I could possibly have hoped for. It was one of the most profoundly wonderful beautiful joyful loving intensely-pleasurable liberating healing euphoric experiences of my entire life. (…) I feel like my life has been profoundly irreversibly changed by this experience.


A wonderful, well held evening spent with a diverse group of like-minded souls. The event had everything, warm hosts, delicious cacao and snacks, interesting conversations, and very juicy, sensual and delicious interactions.


Having only been to one temple night previously that didn’t seem to resonate, I was hesitant and anxious about attending another. However, I needn’t have worried. As soon as I arrived, I was warmly greeted by Paulina, Margot and their helpers and immediately felt welcomed and included. After savouring some cacao and partaking in some introductory exercises to get everyone more acquainted, it turned into a beautiful warm loving evening with copious amounts of social, sensual and intimate exchanges. Can’t wait for the next one.


I was made to feel very welcome, despite being late to arrive, not just by the hosts but by everyone present. The acceptance of me as a person, probably at the extreme upper end of the age range present, was also profound. I had never been to anything of this type before, and for me the ceremony, the exercises on consent and then the free interactions were healing for me – especially as I have spent my entire adult life feeling unworthy of anyone’s sexual attention.


Paulina, my heartfelt thanks for creating such a rich, gentle and deep Temple Night at your home – and to Margot and Daniel for their holding. The location helped the evening have a particularly intimate quality. I enjoyed warm exchanges with many beautiful beings. It’s good to know there will be more gatherings.