Tantric Thursdays – Community Zoom Circle

Sharing Circle
June 4, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Zoom - link for session sent out Thursday morning
pay from the heart
Tantric Thursdays - Community Zoom Circle @ Zoom - link for session sent out Thursday morning | England | United Kingdom

We have been lock-down for over 2 months  now. Although rules are loosening up, our work involves too close contact to restart face to face sessions as yet. 

In the meantime we would like to continue to offer you our Thursday evening sessions, so that you can continue to enjoy this regular tantric zone.  

We have very much enjoyed giving to our community with the free weekly sessions.However, like many of you, the economic fallout of the lockdown means that our income has dried up.  We are aware that we value being able to pay our bills as well as giving these sessions. 

Having pondered on this, we have decided to continue the Thursday sessions but experiment with a couple of changes. 

Energy and Consciousness

Firstly we are going to explore linking the sessions into a block of 4 that all relate to a keystone topic in tantra. We are kicking this off with a big one, “Energy and Consciousness” – 4 sessions focused round this significant aspect of tantra.

We feel that this shift will help you get a fuller experience of the breadth of tantra. At the same time it will create more of a flow between sessions. 

Ideally we recommend you attend them all but if you can’t, it’s not a problem Each one will be complete in itself. We believe these mini-sessions offer you a wonderful basis from you can take tantra deeper.

Pay from the Heart

The second change is that we are inviting you to pay for these sessions on a “Pay from the Heart” basis. We feel this best honours the current economic situation and the spirit of inclusion that we wish to generate. 

Simply, put, “Pay from the Heart” means that you check with your heart and choose to pay the amount that feels right to you.  We want you to feel good about your relationship between what you receive from these sessions and what you give us to sustain us and show appreciation.

Some helpful guidelines










is our baseline minimum request that covers our costs



is our edge of sustainability amount, it helps us to thrive and give more to you



is generous and supports those who cannot meet the minimum request


Food, Shelter and Inclusiveness

If you are in a financial situation where spending £7.50 means that you can’t afford your food or to keep a roof over your head, you are still welcome. If this applies to you, please pay what you can. We graciously accept whatever you can pay.

How to pay

Please pay by bank transfer.

Please click here to to register your interest via email and we will reply immediately with the payment details. 

How to join the Zoom session

Once you have paid, we will send a link to Zoom on the Thursday morning before the session.


What we are giving from our hearts is our time, knowledge and experience. However we do need a core number of people to make these sessions financially worthwhile. If you are able to make a 4 week commitment. It would help us plan. It is great value for you too. 

We would love it for loads of people to join, so please feel free to invite friends or post these events on social media. We’d also love to hear what you have got from these events so far, so others get an idea of what they can expect. 

We will review our new format towards the end of June and would appreciate your feedback to help us modify and improve it to best serve you.

It is with gratitude, appreciation and humility that we receive your “Payment from the Heart