Self Union Ritual

23-Mar-2024 @ 13:00 GMT – 16:00 GMT
The Pathways Studio
Lord Byron Square
M50 2XH
Self Union Ritual @ The Pathways Studio

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Have you had an opportunity to commit yourself to… you, fully, yet? To embrace the richness and immensity of what you actually are, your uniqueness and talents, as well as challenging traits that may well be part of your ongoing journey through this life? We are all made up of a rich variety of aspects (such as masculine/feminine or primal/divine) which may sometimes feel difficult to reconcile. And yet bringing together, and embodying, paradoxes makes human life endlessly rich and fascinating.

If the time and opportunity didn’t yet arise to commit to your Self, beautifully and properly, for life, then this ritual may well be for you!✨🔥

Self union rituals are gaining popularity these days and can take many different forms. Those who decide to wed themselves often recognise that it’s the complete, loving embrace of all that you are that helps build a real home within, provide a stable base from which to relate with others and the world. In preparation to this ritual you will decide which angle of self marriage feels most meaningful to you and which difficult to reconcile aspects you would like to bring together in a committed way.

For me (Paulina, your hostess), when I created and performed the ritual for myself last spring, it was my human/embodied and higher/transcendent Self, for some of my friends it’s been their inner adult and inner child OR inner leader/guru and inner capacity to surrender to life OR inner slut and inner saint and more!

Thanks to ritualistic setting and strong group field we will create the ritual has potential to affect you and your world on many levels of conscious and unconscious mind. So prepare for changes in your life and self-perception manifesting in months  to come!🔥

The ritual will finish with a beautiful and tender consummation in the form of guided self pleasuring in order to raise erotic energy sealing this potent act. Genital touch and even removal of any clothing is entirely optional.

About your hostess.

Paulina is a cofounder of Temples of Eros, a community of over 1000 like hearted humans, focusing on reclaiming the innocence, beauty and healing power of sexual expression. She likes to call herself a Transcendental Whore. She is a keen practitioner and student of tantra, sexual shamanism, BDSM and other forms of conscious sexuality as well as a professional domme. She has significant experience as Temple night host and facilitator, circling facilitator (meditation in connection), as well as a fetish model and burlesque artist! 💃

She’s passionate about open and wholesome sexual expression and creating spaces where others can access their full sensual and sexual potential. She’s also a deeply spiritual being (think Catholic Tantric Shaman vs Buddhist Magician kinda blend).

Paulina also works 1-2-1 as a conscious domme and sexual healer. She has space for one more private session on Sun 24th March while in Manchester, if you’re interested to discuss this, please email us for her contact details.

Paulina and her community ‘Temples of Eros’ are featured in a channel 5 documentary on sex positive environments which just came out, you can watch it here.

The doors open at 12:30pm and the event starts at 1pm.

Contact: Elara or Joanna – 07391 552 616 / 07396713967

The cost is as follows:

Self Union Ritual Only:

Early Bird – £50 + Booking fee (ends 02/03/24)

Standard Admission: £60 + booking fees (starts 03/03/24)

Self Union Ritual Event + Temple of Sensual Connection (see link for this event)

Early Bird – £110 + Booking fee (ends 02/03/24)

Standard Admission: £120 + booking fees (Starts 03/03/24)

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There are some concession tickets available. Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances.

No refunds offered. Ticket transfers available for anyone who diagnosed positive for Covid.