Solstice Sexx Magic 20:00-22:30

20-Jun-2020 @ 20:00 BST – 22:30 BST
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07391 552 616

Imagine if you had the power to find abundance in the most unlikely of times.

Living in an unprecedented time, you may have noticed things that you value in your life and also what you don’t value.  Old patterns that may have been in the shadows may have come to the surface. Old subconscious patterns that stop us from living our true potential.

What if you had the power to shine a light on the shadows and transform them?

You may also see more clearly what you want more in your life.  Why not have things like more joy and pleasure?


What is this ritual? It is about harnessing the external power of the Solstice and your own internal sexual energy.

We are fast approaching the Summer Solstice, a time when the sun is at its highest point over the Equator, the longest day which has been celebrated for centuries by many diverse traditions.

Seen as a time of celebration, new beginnings and an opportunity to harness the power and vitality of the Sun at a time when there’s more light available to us.

The sun symbolises the energy of fire, an activator giving power to illuminate, transform and manifest your desires and dreams into creation. Shining a light onto our old patterns and desires, illuminating what’s needed in our life.

Connecting to energies of the summer solstice is incredibly powerful to manifest your dreams into reality.  However, what if there’s a way to add more fuel to your dreams, even more power to your manifestations to manifest what you desire into reality?

Sex Magic is that extra fuel. 

If you add sexual energy, you increase the intensity of the manifestation, it’s like adding more fuel to fire.

Sexual energy is life energy.  An energy so powerful that its main purpose is the energy of creation.

This energy is activated by connecting physically or energetically through your lower chakras. Sex Magic ignites the amazing creative power of sexual energy to attract something that you desire to happen.   Your desire might be to: Promote healing, change a situation in your life, attract abundance, to achieve greater spiritual connection or whatever else you desire!

Sex magic propels you into a mind-body-spirit experience.   The mind creates intention, the body provides fuel and the Spirit guides the result.

Combining the power of Sex magic with the Power of the summer solstice creates an  incredibly potent method for attracting what you desire in your life.

We will raise the energies together as the sun is raising its energies on the evening of Saturday 20th June, Midsummer’s Day.


You will be in the comfort of your own home. We ask you to have your camera on for the start of the event and while we are doing the introduction. After this, you have the choice to switch your camera off or turn it away from you.

You will be encouraged to connect with your body and your energy in a way that feels right for you.   You will be guided as you move the energy collectively upwards through the chakras and then back downwards again to ground your desires  into the manifestation plane.

The zoom room opens at 7:45pm and you will be admitted at 8:00pm when the event starts.

We create a space where you are invited to do as much as feels comfortable for you. Wear loose, comfortable clothes so you can move freely in and an attitude of curiosity.

The ritual can be experienced on your own or with another(s). This is however an opportunity for you to be in connection with yourself, your energy, your body and your spirit supported by the solstice energies.

If you attend with another you are welcome to do this event together in the same physical space using one zoom connection and there is a separate price for this.

Contact: Elara – 07391 552 616

The cost is as follows:
Price: £20 + _Paypal Fees
Attending with another: £33 + Paypal Fees

There are some concession tickets available. Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances.
Alternatively if you want to avoid PayPal fees then you can pay by bank transfer to:
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