Consensual Connection with the Wheel of Consent®

22-Sep-2023 @ 10:00 BST – 24-Sep-2023 @ 18:00 BST
The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK
Lord Byron Square Manchester M50 2XH
Tiered £225-275
Consensual Connection with the Wheel of Consent® @ The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK
Join Sian Johnson and Kian de la Cour for a 3-day workshop offering a consensual space to explore your ‘yes’, your ‘no’ and all of the opportunities in between.
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Throughout the three days, you will be invited to experience a variety of interactive exercises to explore the Wheel of Consent®. These practices will deepen your awareness of your own needs, desires, and limits, while also developing your ability to communicate and negotiate consent with others.
Some of the many benefits of practicing the Wheel of Consent:
► More joy and freedom in your relating
► Integrity and trustworthiness
► Get in touch with your desires and limits
► Experience more sensitivity and pleasure
► Feel more safe in yourself in order to enjoy touching and being touched
► Better communication skills
► The ability to make authentic choices in negotiating connection and intimacy
In the workshop we will explore:
► The differences between wants, needs and desires
► Why we don’t ask for what we want and what we do instead
► The theory, practice and play of receiving and giving
► The difference between ‘want to’ and ‘willing to’
► Noticing and communicating your authentic ‘yes’ and ‘no’
► The four quadrants of the Wheel of Consent—Taking, Allowing, Serving, and Accepting—based on who is doing the action and who it is for
The workshop is designed for individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship status and styles. Whether you are new to the concept of consent or have previous experience, this workshop will provide you with deeper insights and practical tools to enhance your relationships and your life.
Salford, Greater Manchester – exact location shared on booking
Friday 22nd September 10am – 6pm
Saturday 23rd 10am – 6pm
Sunday 24th September 10am – 6pm
Tiered pricing from £225 to £275
Sian Johnson is a Somatic Sex Therapist, Tantric Masseuse and Intimacy Coach. She brings together training in and experience of leading-edge Tantra, Sexological Bodywork™, Sexual Partner Surrogacy, Coaching, Counselling and the Consent to help men to explore and celebrate their sexual selves.
Sian has trained with Betty Martin and Robyn Dalzen, both as a Practitioner (Like a Pro) and Facilitator of the Wheel of Consent (Facilitator Training).
She helps men to discover and expand their own sense of sexual pleasure, joy, aliveness and freedom, to find their courage to take the path into discovering their healthy masculine power and the fullness of their sexual potential.
Kian de la Cour is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator (“somatic” meaning “the body as perceived from within”), Certified Sexological Bodywork trainer and Wheel of Consent® workshop facilitator.
He works with people who have a sense of something they want to learn or explore in the realms of sexuality, arousal, self-regulation, intimacy and embodiment. He supports people to develop a greater capacity for interoception – for feeling more and finding ways to notice, value and articulate felt sensations. This often creates a greater sense of safety and ease in the body.
Kian is the founder and Director of The School of Somatic Sexology which delivers The UK & Ireland Somatic Sex Education professional training, with an international team of leading-edge educators.