Bioenergetics – Block 2 and Beyond

In Block 2 of particular relevance amongst things we will explore are propriocentric consciousness and energy, boundaries and consent, biodynamic breathwork, more Reichian response types and the body / mind relationship through theory but mainly practical exercises.

The training starts at 13:00 on the Thursday and finishes at 17:00 on the Sunday for each block.  It occurs at The Pathways Studio, Manchester and is non-residential.

The cost included in the ticket is just for the teaching fee.  You will need to organise your own transport to get there and sort out your own accommodation and food.

You can avoid paying the booking fee by choosing to pay by bank transfer and transferring the payment.

*** Dates ***

Block 2 – Thursday 2  Nov to Sun 5 Nov 2023

Block 3 – Thursday 8 Feb to Sun 11 Feb 2024

Block 4 – Thursday 9 May to Sun 12 May 2024

***Investment and Booking ***
Block 2 Only Standalone Early-bird price: £425 + Booking Fee (till 05/10/2023)
Block 2 Only Standalone Standard price: £460 + Booking Fee (from 06/10/2023)
Blocks 2-4 Yearlong Training Earlybird Price: £1230 + Booking Fee (till 05/10/2023)
Blocks 2-4 Yearlong Training Standard Price – Price: £1300 + Booking Fee (from 06/10/2023)

Choose the bank transfer option if you wish to avoid booking fees. The booking fee will be automatically added to your ticket, please deduct this from the bank transfer amount when making the bank transfer.

We do have some concession tickets available, please contact us if you wish to explore this.

Thank you.

Elara and Jon



02 - 05 Nov 23


13:00 GMT - 16:00 GMT


+44 7391 552 616

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