Sacred Tantric Awakenings

Sacred Tantric Awakenings

This day workshop is for beginners or anyone who wishes to reconnect with Tantra.  The aim is to deepen your experience from our Introduction to Sacred Tantra event however you are welcome to attend this workshop without attending this other event.

The morning session will be primarily about self-connection, our relationship with ourselves in terms of our authentic wants and desires whilst also exploring our capacity for pleasure.

In the afternoon we support you to explore your relationship with the world around you with a sense of joy and compassion and in a spirit of choice, playfulness, spontaneity and authenticity.

We will introduce you to a number of tantric practices and exercises to facilitate your connection with yourself and your sexual being.  The experiential elements will include working with breath, movement, sound, eye contact and some gentle platonic touch.    You will be supported throughout in connecting with your boundaries and to use them in meeting the other attendees from an embodied heart-felt space.

At the end of the day our aim is for you to take away some practices and learnings into the outside world.

We welcome all genders over the age of 18, any sexual orientation whether you are single or in a relationship. This evening will have no nudity or intimate touch.

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