Realizations on the Paths of Transformation by John Hawken – Mindfulness of energy, love & life, sex & orgasm, relationship & reality


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Energy. Life energy, aliveness. It is fundamental, obviously, without it, we would be dead. But what is it exactly? Not scientifically but practically for us in everyday life, how does it work in its various mysterious forms of love, sexuality, emotions, relationships, desires, orgasm? “Realizations” brings mindfulness to the world of energy. Each short chapter contains a gem of practical wisdom, an “aha” experience as our understanding penetrates the energy mysteries of life. “Realizations” goes beyond psychology to outline the art of creating our reality consciously, with choice, in freedom from habits of behaviour and of thought, in the pursuit of beauty and happiness.

John Hawken, the founder of the Paths of Transformation, draws on forty years’ experience of therapy, tantra, shamanism and shadow work. He demystifies spirituality with clear explanations and guidance how to navigate with awareness the world of energy within ourselves, around us, and beyond us. Our power of perception expands in clarity, pleasure, and self-actualization.

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