Testimonials – The Alchemy of Life

Testimonials - The Alchemy of Life

Thinking of joining us at our next Alchemy of Life event?  Here’s what other who have been had to say…………….

“I would highly recommend this introduction to Tantra. It is fun, relaxed and allowed me to experience something of the gifts Tantra has to offer in a safe and comfortable environment.” Sarah M

 “Guided to discover and realise your full potential. Moving you from a dull, pedestrian existence to enjoying all life has to offer. Shifting your default position to an open heart; tantrikas are so much happier.” Peter

“Anyone interested in spirituality is familiar with the concept of our spirit self being far stronger than our human experience, but this workshop enabled me to actually SEE it for the first time! what an empowering experience!” Ewa

“Although I have attended your Introductions to Tantra in person at your venue; I was quite surprised how powerful this event was online. I was especially blown away by the beauty of one of your exercises, it actually brought tears to my eyes. It was so instrumental in helping me recognise some long term patterns of not appreciating myself. It felt like it was the first time I really saw myself. It was a very powerful and healing experience and it really opened my eyes. It helped me see the ‘real me’ and all my inner strength and beauty and to fully love and appreciate myself.
I felt totally safe in the beautiful energy of the group as the energy was so lovingly held by Jon and Elara. I am in gratitude to have had the opportunity to join in for this beautiful and powerful event.”  C.

“I really enjoyed this workshop and the reminder of how key breath-work is to relaxation and the simplicity of the practises shared in this virtual space held by Elara and Jon. Thank you for a lovely serene evening.” Laura

“It was a really pleasant surprise of an evening. Was so glad I took part, totally enjoyed it.” SC