Testimonials – Transformational Tantra Massage

Testimonials - Transformational Tantra Massage

Thinking of joining us at our next Transformational Tantra Massage Weekend, Fundamentals of Energy and Tantra Deep Dive or Transformational Tantra Massage Year Long Training? Here’s what other who have been had to say…………….

This was a truly lovely weekend, the group was really well held and safe, the explanations were wonderfully clear, the exercises were beautiful, enlivening, sensuous and powerful, and the group was a good size, not too large.   RT

What an amazing weekend! Thank you for creating such an empowering and transformational workshop. The beautifully held space made me feel safe to be completely authentic and concious. What a lovely gift it was to be fully present and to give from the heart. C

“I first discovered tantra a few years ago, I come across a tantra course at Glasonbury and I felt a real connection as I started reading about what tantra entails. After more searching I found this course [Transformational Tantra Massage] and fell in love with it even more.  I loved the course content and how deep it could possibly heal someone.  My background is in body massage and I knew there were deeper levels, I could make bigger differences in people’s lives.  I wanted to go deeper and this training is really going to allow me to do that.  So I chucked myself in at the deep end and decided to do the practitioner course with no prior experience of tantra, thinking it was going to be like any other course and boy was I wrong.  This course has helped me to heal parts of myself I didn’t even know needed healing.  I have really felt myself grow and change on multiple levels, in my personal life, spiritual life and practitioner life. This course has had a major impact on my spiritual development, this has been a very spiritual journey for me which I am ever so thankful for.  I didn’t know how emotional trauma that is held in the body could actually block spiritual/emotional growth, its more of a self-confidence thing for me and believing in myself which this course through so many of the exercises have allowed me to do through the healing of my own wounds.  This course is amazing for self-development on all levels.  Jon and Elara are amazing facilitators/teachers who portray the embodiment of tantra in its full beauty.   Laura, participant in year long training