Like many others in the wellness and personal growth areas we are adapting our programme to take into account the restrictions that we are currently working within. 

As soon as the government restrictions are lifted sufficiently to enable us to meet safely we will be resuming our programme at the Pathways Studio. 

We will be making adaptations to keep everyone safe as possible. We assume each individual will make a personal decision as to whether to attend face to face sessions and we will endeavour to inform you of the modifications we plan to help you decide.  

In the meantime we have a number of online events for you. 

Here is our current online programme via Zoom:-

Sacred Light Community Sharing Circle

Thursday evenings 18.30-19.55

A weekly opportunity to relax, refresh and revitalise. This a varied programme designed to deepen your understanding of tantra, inspire and bring you to a place of peace and contentment. 

We have a “pay from the heart” payment system for this event – as we recognise that whilst some people are not impacted financially by the current times, others are severely affected. 

Online Manchester Tantra Festival 2020 – The Pursuit of Pleasure

Because of the Covid 19 restrictions we are taking our annual summer festival on line. The upside is that you can attend from the comfort and safety of your own home. If you’ve not attended a tantra festival before the online format is a safe, low risk way to try it out. 


We’ve put together a whole range of workshops for your pleasure and delight. We now have experience of what works well via Zoom so we are confident that this will not be a series of talks or weak versions of  face to face workshops.

We have invited  respected and experienced teachers to join us. They have their own approach and passion for tantra so that you can get a feel for the range that tantra covers. It’s friendly, fun and fantastic. 


Let’s Explore Tantra Online 

10th June 19.30-21.30

Join us for a stand-alone online experience of the building blocks of Tantra. We will guide you in a gentle and safe way into the tantric world. This is a fun, sensuous evening, full of learning and surprises.


Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Ritual 

4th August 19.30-21.30

This is a powerful experience that opens your heart to forgiveness. This process can free up your aliveness and wellbeing as well as increase your ability to manifest what you really want. 

Our face to face programmes include:

Tantra – click here for more details:    TANTRA PROGRAMME

Transformational Tantra Massage – click here for more details:   TRANSFORMATIONAL TANTRA MASSAGE PROGRAMME

Bio-Energetics – click here for more details:  BIO-ENERGETICS PROGRAMME

Conscious Touch/ Boundaries and Consent – click here for more details:   CONSCIOUS TOUCH AND BOUNDARIES & CONSENT EVENTS

All adults are welcome to attend our workshops, irrespective of gender status, sexual orientation or relationship configuration.