Our Values

 Acceptance and Confidentiality

In our workshops our intent is to create an environment / container that is safe to learn and develop in.   That allows every attendee to be comfortable to be and express who they are, without the fear of judgement.  We see each person’s journey as being unique for them and will support them being in choice about this.

We welcome individuals to expressing their personal experiences of our events outside of them but ask for explicit consent for them to not share fellow attendees names and experiences in order maintain the safety of the event.



Encourage individuals to stay within and express their boundaries when they deem it necessary,

Do not actively force attendees to push through any resistance they may encounter in an event but invite them to bring any resistance to their consciousness and explore it by staying in their boundaries,

Actively encourage attendees to express their “No” when it feels right for them and others to hear their “No” with compassion, understanding and acceptance.


We actively encourage each attendee of our events to be in their “truth”  This may mean that they connect with feelings ranging between joyous and uncomfortable but recognise that they are with what is for them in any moment.

We encourage individuals to connect with compassion fort themselves from their heart.   We encourage the truth from the heart in all dealings with each other, knowing that this allows us to be real and connect with what actually is and are.


We promote inclusivity of all ages (from 18+), sexes, orientations, genders, races and religions.

We don’t see gender as opposite poles where each of us has to fit one of those poles.  We see it more as a rainbow spectrum along which everyone can find the particular shade of colour that that resonates for them in any particular moment.. We all have yin and yang, light and shadow, earthly and spiritual qualities in us and we support the exploration and acceptance wherever that may be.     By allowing ourselves to be on the rainbow spectrum, we can connect with what energy is there for us, rather than with what we are supposed to be based on our expectation from ourselves and others.

In our interactions, we invite individuals to connect with a spectrum of energies and behaviours which are commonly restricted through societal conditioning to specific genders and biological configurations and allow each individual to  explore where their truth is.