Boundaries and Consent

We also provide workshops in Conscious Touch and Boundaries and Consent ( incorporating The Wheel of Consent)

Conscious Touch Workshops

Feel the beneficial effects of conscious touch and the resultant natural release of the feel good hormone oxytocin to bring you to a place of peace, empowerment, growth and self-connection. Did you know that it’s a proven fact that just twenty seconds of physical contact can lift your mood for the whole day as it releases oxytocin? Find out more about oxytocin and its potential healing power here:  BENEFITS OF OXYTOCIN

In our touch workshops we connect  with platonic touch in a safe and nurturing obligation free environment which supports you to connect with yourself and others from a heart opened space.  This allows you  to experience the benefits of oxytocin and to connect with touch without sexualising it, giving us permission to go back to a state of innocence and bliss of just being in our bodies.  In addition this allows us to learn about what is there for us in our relationship dynamics.  The environment that we work with is one of open-heartedness, fun and healing.


Boundaries and Consent Workshops (incorporating The Wheel of Consent) 

At the heart of Tantra is knowing and discovering our self and a key part of this journey is understanding our boundaries and exploring them so we can authentically consent at all times.  Our Boundaries and Consent workshop helps us to provide the tools to be able to check in with our place of truth and consent at all times.  

We will be working with Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent model. The thing we love about the Wheel is that whilst one can understand it at an intellectual level it is only when you experience it you really understand it. We both can truly say that using the Wheel has been life changing in all aspects of our life. Yes it is that powerful! So we are delighted that we have been able to work with Betty herself in devising this workshop.