Tantra Year Long Training

Sacred Body Passionate Spirit - Year long Tantra Training

Our year long tantra training is called Sacred Body Passionate Spirit and has been designed by John Hawken, one of Europe’s most eminent tantra teachers.  We between us have tried as participants, several different tantra trainings and what we really like about John Hawken’s work in particular, is his understanding of energy and how he brings in the integration of heart, sex and spirit into his teachings.  This holistic and integrated approach make the training more powerful.    Many other tantra trainings we have experienced stop at just heart and sex and also only really skim around the area of energy, a key aspect of tantra in our opinion.  

We are delighted to be able to bring this more holistic and integrated tantra training as part of a year long deep dive into our relationship with ourselves and others.

Sacred Body Passionate Spirit comprises of four blocks of one week each.   We also provide an alternative of being able to do Block 1 as two long weekends rather one week, it covers the same time and material.

You can choose to sign up for the full year long training of all four blocks or sign up for each Block separately.   In order to be eligible for the next Block, you must have completed the previous Block.