Tantric Transformation – Taste of Tantra Intro Weekend

Tantric Transformation:
A Taste of Tantra Introductory Weekend

Tantra is a map that shows us how to tap into the life energy within us, through sex, heart and spirit.  As we do this we gain the power to transform our lives, bringing a new quality of aliveness and awareness into every area of our experience. Tantra is a non-prescriptive path, where everyone can go at their own speed, following their hearts. It is an incredible journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.

In this non-residential weekend of tantra, with elements from bio-energetics and shamanism, we explore different facets of tantra around themes of awakening, choosing and playing the form that we wish our energyo take, healing our relationships dynamics, discovering more about what occurs in our relationship dynamics and letting go.   

Below is the basis our tantric experience upon which the weekend is based:

We have both a physical body and an energy body, and live simultaneously in both dimensions.

While the physical body experiences physical reality through the five senses, as opposed to the virtual reality of the mind, the energy body can experience directly energetic reality around us. This includes such apparent mysteries as love, sex, relationships, power over and under, spirit and the divine, and the meaning of life.

Without awareness of the energy body we are lost, our sacred dream { life purpose} is at best a concept, an idea, and we are victims of the energies around us. We are easily invaded, controlled, manipulated, and we turn to external authority to tell us what we should do and how we should live.

With the energy body we can follow the authority of our own hearts and find our sacred dream and mission, feel how the universe guides us and who are teachers and supports on our path.

We will develop our awareness of our energy body and its possibilities. We will learn how to choose freely when to perceive life through our hearts, or through our felt desires as opposed to our projections, or through the consciousness of our spirit and of the karmic connection between our actions and their effect on others.

We will become aware of what robs us of our life-force and what nourishes us.

We will learn more and more to enjoy our creativity and become creators of our own life, manifesting our desires, our hopes and wishes, and our dreams.

We will experience ourselves and others as a unique being with a sacred flame inside.

Our lives can be filled with meaning as we tap into our soul purpose.

This tantra weekend has been specifically designed and developed by one of Europe’s leading tantra teachers, John Hawken.

Dates for this Event

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Weekend Start and End Times

Saturday – 10:00-19:30

Sunday – 10:30-17:00