Testimonials – The Oxytocin Experience

“What a lovely way to spend the afternoon connecting with such beautiful people. Thank you to Jon and Elara and everyone who attended for making it such a special afternoon. Xx “- C

“As a first timer I felt really nervous and was so close to backing out at the last minute but I am soooo glad that I didn’t. I would never have thought it possible to feel so much love in one room from so many people all at the one time. Thank you to everyone present for affirming to me that life can have its upsides.” – M

“Lovely and very profound to receive love and have your love received through touch. It is completely natural and normal. I think it’s very important to have groups such as these to provide a safe place to break through our inhibitions and experience and explore what we want and don’t want and what feels comfortable.” – C

“A wonderfully soft and nurturing afternoon with open minded lovely people, profoundly moving at times, but always in a safe and well facilitated environment. X” – A

“Fab. Xx” – H

“Jon & Elara: Thank you so much for facilitating this wonderful workshop. I have felt loved up, safe, accepted and relaxed. A wonderful relaxing environment, great bunch of likeminded people, I can’t wait to attend another one! Thanks to all xxxx” – M “Thank you everyone for a fabulous afternoon of cuddling. I am feeling very energised today. Love you all for your generous sharing of cuddles xx” – E

“The workshop this weekend was exactly what I needed. I was greatly moved by the hugs and cuddles. But I was even more moved by the closeness, love, support, acceptance and understanding from within the group. Thank you guys x” – S

“Wonderful for a first-timer. Such a warm welcome into that calm energising space with lovely people. Hope there will be more mid-week / evening meets and loads more cuddling. Thank you all.” – H

“First time here for me so I was a little nervous but everyone was so warm and welcoming. The space was amazing and the whole experience left me feeling energised, privileged and above all blessed. Thanks to everyone there and I hope to see you all again soon. X.” – B

“I gave it an A* with 4 Cs Cathartic, calming, comforting and connecting x” – S “Thank you once again Jon & Elara for a beautiful space. xx” – K

“I am still basking in the healing energy we all created. Thank you Elara and Jon. See you all again soon.” K

“It was the most beautiful experience to attend this unique workshop , I will see you again for sure :)” – A

“A really new and positive experience. Thank you to everyone. I felt safe and relaxed and slept soooo well that night. Thank you Jon and Elara” – Z

“I had another great evening of safe shared connection….left energised with a feeling of serenity too. Just wonderful learning thx” – B

“Wow! Big THANK YOU to Elara and Jon. A truly beautiful thing to experience. I was curious but doubtful of what was involved and came away with a deep sense of nurture and contentment. Unusual to share such tenderness with perfect strangers, brings home that we humans are afflicted by the same needs and how wonderfully healing touch is. Also the work around boundaries and trust incredibly useful if boundaries have been broken. Today I can clearly feel the little shifts that occurred during the session Thanks to all my cuddlers too!“ – V

“Thank you for organising the safe space for us to be present in and to experience a range of emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and as I mentioned in the sharing section, for me it was like an oasis of calmness, which took me away from my 100miles per hour life style…. I would definitely consider visiting you again if you will have me. Thank you once more….. Xx” – A

“Still on a blissful plane this morning. Yesterday evening I received a truly life affirming gift given by beautiful souls, thank you all again x” – S

“Very good, I thoroughly enjoy it and found it interesting. It was lots of emotions rolled into 1…I felt emotional, happy, warmth, contentment, upset, sad, blessed, relaxed. Lovely to meet you all” – N

“I went expecting cuddles and some connection; I left speechless (in a good way). That was One fabulous experience. Thanks again to Jon and Elara for running this”. –C

“Absolutely beautiful. ????” – K

“A safe and lively space created by very safe and nurturing people.” – K

“I experienced an amazing afternoon of connection, held in a wonderful nurturing energy. Thank you to such beautiful people for your warm cuddles. Take gentle care.” – M

“Wonderful on every level” – T

“This is a wonderfully supportive experience. Jon and Elara are very real and honest people who have created a safe and nurturing space x” – K

“Was apprehensive but it turned out well. Jon and Elara have a very reassuring manner. Will definitely come again.” – R

“A beautiful evening of deep connections with conscious souls” – K

“A warm and safe group of people. Incredibly open, easy to be myself.” – E

“So much love, so much cuddle, in a land starved of touch. At times intense and scary, but also playful and open and incredibly liberating. Beautiful, pure human contact.” – A