Testimonials – Intro to Tantra Evening

Testimonials - Intro to Tantra Evening

Thinking of joining us at our next Intro to Tantra Evening or Afternoon?  Here’s what other who have been had to say…………….

“This was such a beautiful experience for me connecting and feeling amazing energy from my partner and others. As a first experience I felt relaxed and safe in the space and environment. I will definitely be back to explore other workshops”  Nic

“I was able to go deeper into connecting with myself and my partner on the taste of tantra. I came away feeling fulfilled and full of love after being vulnerable and authentic. The next day in work, I noticed I was able to move forward with challenges more effectively and felt empowered to be calmly assertive with team mates. Awesome.” Marketing Manager

“I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with others that are exploring Tantra, making new friends and putting my learning into practice.” Sam

“Removed a lot of the myth and misinformation about Tantra” Jean

“Great experience! My energy felt calm by the end and I felt very connected with myself, my partner and everyone else.”  Elisa