What You Can Use Lucid Dreaming For

You may think dreaming just happens or not as the case may be and that sometimes dreams can seem especially real. Well that may be true for you but what if you could dream to order? You can do this using a technique called Lucid Dreaming. By using this method it is possible to take yourself on fantastic journeys and experiences of your choosing. You can even use this dreaming as a self-development tool to refine your skills, boost your creativity, improve your memory and increase your mindfulness when you are awake. It is also possible to connect to your Higher Self to boost your spiritual development or use it to support your manifesting using the Law of Attraction. In fact there are many options and here are some of them:

· Connect with your intuition (higher-self)
· Develop existing skills
· Experience your dream life and how to download it into this one (i.e. manifesting)
· Overcome phobias
· Reconnecting with lost loved ones
· Develop your creativity and visualisation
· Experience mutual dreaming
· Develop your psychic abilities faster
· Move into other realities
· Experience time travel
· Improve our memory and waking mindfulness
· Create greater awareness during our waking time (ie be more mindful)
· Have adventure / fun
· Play out your deepest desires
· Feel refreshed like you have back from an week long holiday
· Get clarity