Shadow Tantra with Seani Love & Lex Ryder 10:00-18:00 @ The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK
Apr 7 @ 10:00 BST – Apr 9 @ 18:00 BST
Shadow Tantra with Seani Love & Lex Ryder 10:00-18:00 @ The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK | England | United Kingdom

A 3-day journey facilitated by Seani Love and co-presented by Lex Ryder April 07-09, 2023

Our erotic shadow is often suppressed both personally and culturally. Our darker desires: to control or be controlled, to release something of our inner beast or slut; to live with wild sexual abandon and similar unrestrained impulses can bring with them levels of shame and confusion. There is a huge fear that if we explore these archetypal qualities we will become lost, out of control, shamed, disrespected, or somehow not an OK person.

And yet, these archetypes are rich sources of love, power and self-knowledge and bring with them powerful opportunities for healing, empowerment and personal growth. By exploring our erotic shadows, we are taking a lit candle into the more hidden recesses of our psyches, shining a light on our inner motivations and thus learning more about who we truly are.

In practical terms, Shadow Tantra is about combining conscious sexuality practices with mindfulness, Conscious Kink, neotantra, ritual and BDSM. We will spend the first day exploring and setting personal boundaries allowing these to come from heart and body as much as from mind. Consent and boundaries, and good communication are the foundations of this kind of work. Only once we are sure that all present are capable of expressing and asserting our boundaries, can we start to explore within the spheres of the erotic shadow using BDSM techniques.

This event is an opportunity to safely and consciously access some of our more challenging impulses and desires in facilitated exercises. To get a solid sense of the importance of boundaries, clear communication, working with energy, and in negotiating around the personal differences in level and types of activities people prefer.

Shadow Tantra offers opportunities for exploring the deepest recesses of the psyche, powerful tools of intimacy and connection as well as frivolous light-hearted fun (and everything in between!)

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Facilitation Team:

Seani Love has been teaching erotic ritual techniques to clients, private groups, couples and workshops since 2010. A long-term explorer in this unique field, Seani received the prestigious industry award ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ in London in November 2015. His work combines ritual techniques, Conscious Kink, Neotantra, and many other disciplines. His sessions and workshops enable his clients to go on profound journeys into their inner worlds, helping them find power, wisdom, love, and pleasure within themselves.

Lex Ryder is a Pleasure Coach who loves nothing more than creating permissive and playful spaces for people to explore their edges and bring out the parts of themselves that are usually unseen and unexpressed. In addition to their professional training as a Conscious Kink practitioner, Dominatrix, Sexological Bodyworker, and Embodied Facilitator, Lex draws upon personal experience in alternative relating and queer communities, as well as their unquenchable geekery around all things pleasure.

Alison Pilling is a sex coach focused on helping people explore personal and erotic freedom. This important area of our lives is at heart a search for connection with self, other and spirit; opening us up to our emotions, values and limits through creative erotic expression. She started her sexuality journey midlife and has spent the last 10 years working with pioneering teachers like Betty Martin, Seani Love and Joseph Kramer, mentoring for Sexological Bodywork, all the while continuing exploring the world of conscious sexuality in myriad ways.

Ali is creator and host of The Sex Lectures, a beautiful permissive space for promoting sex-positive information and inspiration. As we can experience pleasure and healing in many ways with a focus on self-awareness, embodied consent and emotional intelligence, we can broaden the variety of what we do to make connection clear and pleasure erotic.


The long weekend will take place at The Pathways Studio in Manchester. It runs from 7th to 9th April 2023.  (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm. Please arrive between 9:30 and 9:45 on the first day)
The doors will open on all days at 09.30 am for a 10 am prompt start.
Tickets are available as follows:
Earlybird: £285 plus booking fee.
Standard Price: £325 plus booking fee
Booking fee can be avoided by paying by bank transfer.
A limited number of concessionary places are available at this workshop. Please get in contact with the organiser Elara if you wish to discuss concession options.
For any questions, please get in touch with Elara at
A Taste of Tantra Introductory Evening 19:00-22:00 @ The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK
May 24 @ 19:00 BST – 22:00 BST
A Taste of Tantra Introductory Evening 19:00-22:00 @ The Pathways Studio near MediaCityUK

We are delighted to offer you this stand-alone in-person introduction to tantra evening during which we will guide you through a gentle and safe experience of the basic principles of Tantra. It also serves as an introduction to the Paths of Transformation Tantra Massage Training.

The experience will be fun, sensuous, full of learning and surprises.

Through a series of gentle exercises, alone, in pairs and as a group, the principles we will experience are:

  • You are not an island in the ocean of life, but are part of that ocean. You are connected with all of the life around you.
  • You are not a static thing but a flow of energy. You are not any of the forms you embody, but are the energy that transforms from one form to another as you choose, in consciousness and in freedom.
  • Your mind is not limited to thinking, planning, and worrying, but can create awareness, noticing what is in the moment, both within you and around you. The mind creates a virtual reality, while awareness brings you into contact with what is.
  • You are not just your physical body, but are at the same time an energy body, through which you can connect energetically with others.
  • Your flow of energy creates the connection between your sex, your heart and your spirit, and so can lead to an experience of your totality. Through the connectedness and wholeness, within and without, a sense of the sacredness of life, in ourselves and in the other, becomes manifest.

Tantra is a map that shows us how to tap into the life energy within us, through sex, heart and spirit, that has the power to transform our lives, bringing a new quality of aliveness and awareness into every area of our experience. Tantra is a non-prescriptive path, where everyone can go at their own speed, following their hearts. It is an incredible journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.

This exciting intro to tantra event is based on the work of one of Europe’s leading tantra teachers, John Hawken at The Paths of Transformation, to provide a basic understanding of the key areas of tantra through a series of creative exercises. It is a safe, supportive environment delivered by Shakti Elara and Jon Gosling.

The doors open at 6:30pm and the event starts at 7:00pm.

This workshop is open to individuals and couples/triads/other constellations of all genders, sexualities and body types.

There is no gender balancing at this workshop.

We create a safe space where you are invited to do as much as feels comfortable for you. There will be no nudity at this event. Wear loose, comfortable clothes you can move freely in.

No partner is required and everyone is invited to work with different people in order to enjoy a greater range of experiences. If you attend with a partner or friend, you are welcome to work together for the whole event or whatever portion you wish.

Contact: Elara – 07391 552 616

The cost is as follows (please see our refund policy):

Early Bird – £24 + Booking fee
Full Price – £28 + Booking fee

You can avoid booking fees by paying by bank transfer.

There are some concession tickets available. Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances.

Other events can be found at SACRED LIGHT CALENDAR

Experience Tantric Principles Online Programme @ Zoom
Oct 26 2023 @ 19:00 BST – Feb 29 2024 @ 21:30 GMT
Experience Tantric Principles Online Programme @ Zoom | England | United Kingdom

How do you experience the world?  What are your patterns (we all have them!)?  In fact exploring your patterns can lead not only more self-knowledge but also into deeper and expanded experiences of oneself.  Allowing you to get more out of life, including more and more happiness!

We invite you to come on an immersive, experiential, online journey designed to take a deeper dive into exploring yourself and how you relate to others using the lens offered to us by Tantra.  Tantra is a non-prescriptive path and in this journey you can go at the speed and depth that feels right for you.

You are very welcome to join us for 9 Thursday Zoom sessions (19:00-21:30 UK time) every two weeks spread over 4 months. Sessions are recorded so if you have to miss some weeks, there is an easy way to catch-up.

This is an invitation to move away from the pure concepts of the mind and experience your perception through not only your mind but also your body and spirit and, in this totality, find your truth.

You will do this through a series of exercises in groups, pairs and alone with the emphasis on experience rather than talk.

Topics we will cover include:

Am I more than my mind?
What is my energy?
Exploring my truth
Who am I and who do I choose to be?
Do I have conscious or unconscious patterns?
How do I challenge myself and yet feel safe?
Experiencing my aliveness
What are my judgements and where do they come from?
How can I create sacred space?
Living acceptance in a diverse world by holding your truth and that of others

The idea is that this learning will not be onerous and gives time to digest and practice between sessions.

In this package you get:
• 9 x Live 2.5 hour sessions which are recorded
• Each session will be recorded
• Access the recordings for 3 months after the final session
• The opportunity to journey with likeminded souls
• Special offers for Sacred Light Community events

Dates for the sessions are:

1 – Thu 26 Oct 2023 19:00-21:30
2 – Thu 09 Nov 2023 19:00-21:30
3 – Thu 23 Nov 2023 19:00-21:30
4 – Thu 14 Dec 2023 19:00-21:30
5 – Thu 04 Jan 2024 19:00-21:30
6 – Thu 18 Jan 2024 19:00-21:30
7 – Thu 01 Feb 2024 19:00-21:30
8 – Thu 15 Feb 2024 19:00-21:30
9 – Thu 29 Feb 2024 19:00-21:30

Group sessions will be recorded to allow non-attendees to catch-up and also attendees to watch again to expand their understanding.


This event also serves as an introduction into our other year-long programmes, Transformational Tantra Massage and Bioenergetics.  If you join this event and sign-up to any of our 2023 year-long programmes, you will get the amount you paid for this training taken off when you pay the full course fee. This means, if you sign-up in full, you get this training for free!  In addition, if you would like to sample either year-long training then it is possible to attend the first block, as it is standalone.  If you are just doing Block 1 of either training, then select the Block 1 Experience Tantric Principles ticket for £100.   If you continue to a second block on the trainings, we offer £100 off the second block fee.  Please note that you can obtain only one of these discounts.  Contact us if you are interested.

This workshop is open to individuals and couples/triads/other constellations of all genders, sexualities and body types. If you attend with a partner/friend you are welcome to do partnered exercises together or choose to do them with others. Please book a ticket for each person attending.

We create a safe space where you are invited to do as much as feels comfortable for you. There will be no nudity or gender adjustments at this online event.

Early bird price: £195 + Booking Fee (first 10 places)

Repeaters price: £135 + Booking Fee

Full price: £240 + Booking Fee


Concessions are available – please contact us for details.


Contact: Elara – 07391 552 616